We offer several on-site diagnostic tests for your convenience. You can be assured that we stay up to date on the latest information and technology in order to serve you best.

  • Available at our office:
  • Digital Foot X rays
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • Vascular Testing
  • Digital Orthotic & Pressure Point Analysis


Diagnostic ultrasound in the office allows us to diagnose soft tissue injuries, cyst and bony abnormalities many times foregoing the need for additional MRI or CT scans. To learn more about our ultrasound technology, click here.


More and more people are experiencing the effects of a poor circulatory system. Timely and accurate diagnosis is critical in a speedy treatment and recovery.

We use the Hyperion Smart ABI System, which non-invasively assesses patients with wounds, PAD (peripheral Arterial Disease) and CLI (critical limb ischemia) using two easy to perform tests.

The testing is a simple, noninvasive process of applying a blood pressure cuff on the test area. With controlled pressure and release, an invisible spectrum laser Doppler measures the tissue to detect microcirculation. This testing process works even in the presence of large vessel calcification, mild edema, inaudible pulses, callus, anemia, and necrotic toes.

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